Thanksgiving & Christmas is Coming – Lose Weight The Tasty Way

mami kerekenHello Everyone!fogyi-konyv-best-seller

Yes, Thanksgiving & Christmas is almost here and we all want to lose a few pounds to get into our favorite bathing suit or perhaps surprise ourselves with one that will be the envy of every lady around us.

But the first step is finding the right plan to lose weight safely and not starve ourselves.  The second step is finding dishes and yes, desserts that don’t taste like you are on a diet.

That’s where the book that my daughter, Helen Radics and I created together to help everyone lose diet-book-reklamweight and also live a healthier lifestyle.  Remember, losing weight never tasted so good!

Our book is called Don’t Bitch, Get Skinny! which became a best seller during its 1st week of publication.  For a limited time only it is also available with the title, Tasty Weight Loss!  as we were playig around with the titles and after an online vote our customers decided that the original title, Don’t Bitch, Get Skinny! would be more fitting and fun.

Please remember that before you start any ask-your-doctordiet you should ask your doctor if it is right for you.

It’s best to be safe

You are probably asking what sets this book apart from the countless other books on the market.  My answer is that this is not only a diet book to lose weight quickly and safely, but a tool to lead you to a better lifestyle without robbing you of your favorite dishes.  It also gives you tricks that could make cooking fun again.

Below you will see a photo that gives you a quick glance into the content of this colorful book that will be your favorite tool and recipe book for years to come.  Your family will never know they are on a diet with you as they will be eating delicious foods such us Chili, Spaghetti with Meatballs and delicious Roasts.  And of course you shouldn’t forget about your ice cream as it is a part of your diet plan.


There are several parts to this diet, but my menu planner guide will make it amazingly simple to follow.  There is a printed book and e-book version of this book and if you choose the e-book version you can download it right away after the payment.  Its easy, clickable table of content will make navigating this book fun and fast.


One thing we must keep in mind.  Just like any normal day, we will have cravings from time to time. However the choice is ours.  Should I reach for that delectable cupcake or a piece of fruit.  Yes, I know, when we crave cake we don’t want fruit.  But this book gives you more choices.

How about a luscious cup of ice cream?  That sounds much better doesn’t it?

That’s exactly how this book works, you will have choice and options.  It doesn’t leave you hungry and craving food or dessert.

woman-walkingExercising is another part of every diet.  However in our book we tell you that it could be as simple as walking.   Of course walking doesn’t need to bee exercise walking either.  It could be as simple as walking to the store or even when you drive to the store you cold park a bit farther from the entrance in order to fit in a little walking.

spa-water-brightSee?  These are simple steps you can follow.  You will also have delicious spa drinks that you can create in a few minutes and keep in your fridge or fill your water bottle with.  You won’t ever want to be without it.  However there is a problem with these drinks.  spejz-2

If your family ever finds it in the fridge and tries a sip of it, you will have trouble making enough of it.  As everyone just loves these refreshing delicious waters.

We will also help you set up a pantry so everything that you need to arrange your diet and also to cook for your diet and family meals will be on hand.  No need to run to the grocery store every day.

This will also save you money.  Which is a good thing, after all you can spend it on a new wardrobe.

The book will also tell the about the healthiest juices, oils and spices to use in order to be a healthier, better version of yourself and also to burn fat the delicious way.

chili-for-book-3Another important step of any diet is NOT TO STARVE yourself.  That will only work for a day or two, then your cravings comes back with a vengeance.   Best to start with a diet that satisfy you and fulfil all your needs.smoothie-kanallal-bright

We also tell you when it’s the best time to get a makeover.  The answer will surprise you as it is not what the experts tell you.   When to eat is another part that is the building block of any good diet.

Having dessert is a must in most of our lives, especially for us ladies.  Our ice creams to die for and don’t worry your family will fall in love with these delectable, silky and not to mention healthy ice creams.  They will never know that they are also healthy.  So instead of buying hidden fat and sugar filled ice creams from the store, make your own.


We also know that you are very busy, just like every woman that we know.  We juggle millions of things daily and tend to forget about ourselves.  That’s where this book comes in.  It will remind you to take time out for yourself and start caring for your body in order to take care of your loved ones.

And of course remember to reward yourself.  But we will tell you about that as well.  ice-cube-wall-bright

We will also tell you the health benefits of salad greens and herbs.  Also share with you several delicious fat burning spa drinks that we already talked about.  But this time we should also mention our fruit and also herb ice cubes that will be the hit of any party, family gathering or barbecue afternoon.

We also have a “Diet Boost System” for those who wish to lose weight very fast.  However because its so effective we only recommend it once, then start following the regular meal plan.baked-eggs-ala-helen-brightturkey-soup-2017-6

Egg dishes and Soups are also another important part of any diet.  If you have issues with eggs you may also buy egg whites in the store to create these delicious recipes.

You will find delicate gourmet soups and rustic, robust home made soups in this book.  So any type of craving is satisfied.  Your gulyas-leves-brightwon’t heart your husband complain about the “fancy” soup that you try to make him eat.

As you know I am Hungarian.  Even my delicious, rustic Hungarian Goulash Soup made the soup list of this book.  As it is healthy and fulfilling.chipotle-chicken-with-quinoa

Our Main Dishes will just amaze you with its variety and flavor.  Each dish that you create will be another family favorite that your loved ones will be asking for regularly.

So creating something delicious will be easy and guilt free.  Don’t worry, even if you are not an experienced cook, you will love these recipes.  Remember 🙂 you will not only lose weight, become healthier, fitter and more attractive but learn new dishes and perhaps learn how to cook in the process.

Please click on the books below to purchase them.  EBOOK VERSION is $ 20.00 and the PRINTED BOOK VERSION is on sale now, with $ 5.00 off shipping of an already discounted book (limited time offer).

For a limited time only, you may also purchase this book with the title of Tasty Weight Loss! with a discounted price.

Fries, Pasta Dishes, Meats, Roasts, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Fish, Salads and delicious drinks are all part of this book.  So, come and join the club of Don’t Bitch, Get Skinny! to become a healthier, better version of you.  You may also put your family on a diet without them even realizing it.












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    If you would like to get in shape for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but don’t want to starve yourself and don’t have time to exercise then our book is for you. Lose weight the tasty way, eat your favorite foods and even your ice cream. Chili, Spaghetti with Meatballs and many more….

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