Christmas Plate (Disznotoros) by Helen M. Radics

mami christmasHello Everyone!hurka kolbasz 1

Many of your asked me how to make Hungarian Sausages, Liver Sausages and Blood Sausages because you can’t find the authentic flavors of Hungary in your area.

I will share with you these mouth-watering recipes, although I don’t make my own anymore as we have a great store in my city where I can buy them for the holidays.


7 kg marbled pork (ground)
3 kg smoked bacon (country bacon)
120 gram salt (adjust to taste)
40 grams of ground black pepper
40 grams of ground caraway seeds
100 grams of garlic (minced)
150 grams of red paprika
2 tbsp. of crushed hot chili flakes

Mix together all of the above and fill into hog casings.  Let cool in fridge for a few days, then either fry them in oil or lard, or bake them in the oven.  If you decide to smoke them, you need to adjust the salt content to about 180 grams.

hurka 3


  • 1 kg pork liver
  • 800 gram bacon
  • 1 kg pork lung
  • 400 gram sticky rice
  • 150 grams lard
  • 250 gram onion
  • 20 ground black pepper
  • 10 grams of ground allspice
  • 1 tbsp marjoram
  • Salt
  • If you can find it, then you may add cooked head meat of pork (if you are using 100 grams then deduct that from the amount of the bacon)


  • Cook bacon and the lungs in lightly salted water, then remove from the water and let cool.
  • Remove all the membrains from the liver and ground together using a meatgrinder (use the small holed head) with the lungs and the bacon.
  • Cook the rice in the bacon/lung water until soft
  • Rinse rice with cold waterhagyma halvany
  • Saute onion in lard until translucent
  • Mix rice and onion together with the ground meat mixture
  • Mix in the spices, salt and enough of the cooking liquid that’s needed to have a soft enough mixture to easily fill the casings. Do not overfill as the rice will expand and the casing will burst
  • Tie ends of casings
  • Cook in hot water for about 35 minutes
  • Remove from cooking liquid and let cool
  • You can either smooke them or just keep them in the fridge until needed
  • When preparing it either bake the hurka or fry in oil or lard salt 2


If you decide not to use rice you need to use buns.  You need to soak the buns in water, but before you add it to the meat you must squeeze out all the liquid.


Same as the Liver Sausage with Rice, but substitute the rice with barely.

HUNGARIAN BLOOD SAUSAGE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


½ liter pork blood
6 buns
400 grams of bacon
300 grams of onion
20 grams of red paprika
20 grams of ground black pepper
1 tsp marjoramhagymacska
1 tsp ground clovers
1 tsp salt (adjust to taste)


  • Cut buns into small cubes
  • Fry ½ the bacon and in the lard sauté chopped onion and remove from grease
    Sauté buns in bacon grease
  • Cook the rest of the bacon in lightly salted water (enough water to cover bacon)
  • When soft enough, remove from watermarjoram 2
  • Pour the cooking water on the buns and mix together
  • Using a meat grinder, ground buns
  • Mix together with the blood and spices.
  • Fill hog casings and cook on medium low heat for about 30 minutes


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