Cooking & Baking For Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas

holidaysHello Everyone!mami konyvboritohoz

It’s that time of the year again 🙂  Well almost!  Sitting on my patio, looking at the the trees around me slowly becoming golden, made me realize that it’s almost time for Halloween, then Thanksgiving isn’t far behind and Christmas is also rushing to greet us.

Although I love cooking and baking, especially around this time of the year,  it’s still sad to see summer leaving us soon.

Perhaps you don’t know, but I’m a cookbook author and I have not only cookbooks in my repertoire but baking books as well.  And what’s more important, I have great holiday recipes for cooking and baking that the entire family will enjoy.

ebooks for wordpress bannerToday I will introduce you to some of my e-cookbooks and regular printed books that contain holiday recipes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and also for regular weekdays as these books are not only include special holiday recipes but they printed books for ejunkiecan be your go-to cookbooks throughout the year for good old-fashioned home cooking or dishes with a gourmet flair.

Most of my printed books are available as e-cookbooks, however not every e-book is available as a printed book.  So please take the time to browse through these books as they will undoubtedly be a great tool for you while you are getting ready to start cooking and baking for the holidays.

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner.  It’s a great time to bake cookies, make specialty cakes and create mouth-watering dishes that warm the heart and soul of the entire family.

Above are the printed cookbooks that include the most holiday dishes and baking recipes for each holiday.  These are the pokhalo 4most popular dishes of my family that I traditionally make every holiday season.


  • Halloween Eye Balls (meatballs)
  • Halloween Cookies (different varieties)
  • Spiderweb Cookies
  • Jack Skellington Cookies
  • Halloween Cake (Spiderweb)
  • Mr. Boo (Meringues)


  • Thanksgiving Cake (Turkey Cake)
  • Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Soup
  • Thanksgiving Roasted Pumpkin Soup
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Drumstickscsoki minyom
  • Stuffed Thanksgiving Turkey
  • Red Wine Braised Red Cabbage
  • White Wine Braised Cabbage
  • Walnut & Poppy Seed Roll
  • Golden Corn Salad
  • Pork Rolls in Wine Sauce
  • Hungarian Onion Soup
  • Fall Lentil Soup


  • Golden Christmas Bites
  • Christmas Mini Cakes
  • Christmas Stained Glass Cookiesstained glass cookies christmas
  • Red Velvet Cake Balls
  • Love Cake
  • Christmas Duck Roast
  • Walnut Roll
  • Jellied Christmas Pork
  • Christmas Square
  • Christmas Cabbage Rolls
  • Wine Soups
  • Christmas Meringues
  • Truffles

6 konyv egyutt… and in all of our cookbooks you will find more then 1500 recipes that are enriched by colored, black & white photos and other illustrations for an easier recipe recreation.

Many of our dishes could also be suitable for any holiday or other family celebrations and others will make every day meals such mouth-watering experience that your family can’t wait to sit down at the dinner table.

Although my printed cookbooks and baking books are still more popular, e-cookbooks / e-baking books are also a wonderful choice for the tech savvy individual or for those who live at far away destinations.  Many also love e-cookbooks because they do not need to pay shipping charges and save time.  Simply choose your cookbook / baking book, pay, download and start cooking / baking in  a matter of minutes.

A little tip, if you are budget conscious 🙂  you can also save a lot by purchasing the e-book version of my popular printed cookbooks / baking books.  anniversary eleje

If you need more details about any of my e-cookbooks / e-baking books or printed cookbooks / baking books or simply wish to view the table of contents for these books, you may contact me or visit my official website or eBay cookbook store.

You may find e-cookbooks / e-baking books  $15.00-$20.00 .  My printed cookbooks / baking books are on sale right now in both stores.

Currently I have 7 English language and 1 Hungarian language cookbook available (printed), however the most popular cookbook is Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® Anniversary Edition, which we just simply cannot keep in stock.

As soon as I fill up the shelves they are gone.  I am not surprised as this special collectible cookbook includes 3 of my most popular cookbooks, which is the original Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes® series.

Just one more thing to remember.  The holidays are fast approaching and although we keep filling up our stock, many of you already started to purchase these cookbooks as Christmas gifts.  When you pair my cookbook(s) with a package of pasta, wooden spoon and a bottle of good olive oil, homemade truffles or pasta sauce and create a gift basket for that special someone, you are giving such personalized gifts that they will always remember and appreciate.

So don’t let the holidays catch you off guard!  Prepare and arm yourself with these easy to follow cookbooks and create memorable holiday dishes, desserts and personalized edible gift for everyone.

Official Website

eBay Cookbook Store


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