Eat Your Bouquet! – Edible Tulips (Roma Tomatoes)

tulips 6Hello Everyone!mami christmas

Let us share with you a very easy and decorate breakfast (or quick snack) recipe for any occasion. Surprise Dad or your Husband for Father’s Day with this healthy option. We like to serve this lovely breakfast / snack with whole wheat toast or vegetable crackers. You may also try pita breads or mini tortillas to give it a rustic touch. So lets start :)


4-5 green onions
5-6 Roma tomatoes
6-7 chives
1 box of garden vegetable cream cheese (or our favorite)


2 teaspoons


You may use different colored tomatoes if you’d like to get a more colorful bouquet, but for a more realistic affect, I like to use Roma tomatoes as their oval shape calls to mind the pretty head of a red tulip decorative the parks of my city. When you finished scooping out the inside of the tomatoes, save it for your next soup or put it in your salsa.


  1. Prepare your ingredients to save time
  2. Wash green onion, chives, tomatoes
  3. I like to use garden vegetable cream cheese, but you may use your favorite, even regular.  Just add your favorite herbs and spices
  4. Cut each tomato 3/4 lengthwise (not all the way), turn and cut the same way again (see video or photos)
  5. Using a teaspoon, gently scoop out the middle of each tomato and place in a small bowl
  6. Save the inside of the tomato in a jar or in a plastic container, refrigerate and use in your soups, salsa or pasta dishes
  7. Take a sharp knife and gently cut out (make a small hole) the green stem and the white membrane under the stem of the tomato.  This hole will be where you put the stem (green onion)
  8. Fill the cavity with the cream cheese
  9. Prepare the green onions to use as stems by cutting off the hairy tip and about 1 inch from the green end
  10. Cut green onion lengthwise or if the they are very young and thin use them without cutting them
  11. Add the green onion stems to the tomatoes

edible tulips kepekeheto tulipanok meg tobb kep





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